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What are the main materials used in the interior and exterior of the vehicle?

With the rapid development of the transportation network, the demand for passenger cars continues to grow, and at the same time the requirements for safety and comfort of passenger cars continue to increase. The beauty and luxury of automobile interior parts have become one of the important signs of high-end luxury passenger cars.

Thick blister products generally have the characteristics of large area, large height and thick materials, and are mainly formed by vacuum blister molds. Most of these plastic products are used in various fields of people's daily life, such as automobile interior and exterior decoration, transportation, building materials, packaging, medical equipment, and household appliances.

The materials used for the interior and exterior of the vehicle are mainly ABS sheets, and a small number of parts use PMMA sheets and HEPE sheets. The inner panels on the left and right sides of the cab of the passenger car, the top inner panel, the rear inner panel, and some electrical box cover panels and other cover panels are all made of thick ABS sheet blister molding.

Car interior blister parts must first confirm the color and texture of the board, because the color and texture of the interior decoration are very important. The first thing passengers will feel when they get on the car is the environment inside the car. There is also a trend now to use composite ABS panels instead of general ABS panels. Composite ABS panels add a layer of TPU material to the panels: it has a special co-extrusion process in the ABS panel making process to make the surface of the ABS panel. Covered with a new layer of TPU film. Products using this material not only have the excellent mechanical properties of ABS but also the high wear resistance and tear resistance of TPU. The cost of this material is 2 to 3 times that of general materials. It is precisely because of the high cost that the application of such materials is subject to certain restrictions.

TPU plastic material has excellent wear resistance, more than five times the wear resistance of natural rubber. It is one of the materials for wear-resistant products. Generally speaking, TPU has higher tear resistance, and the tear strength is very good compared with some commonly used plastics. excellent. Main use: Mainly used in automotive interior parts. In the packaging field, it is mainly used for the packaging of parts and accessories that require high parts cleanliness, such as engines, gearboxes and other power systems.