Programming & Machining Dept

Our team has rich experience in molds and production experience at home and abroad.

Programming & Machining Dept

  • Direct of Machining Dept

    Yujun Zhou, Minister of Engineering, joined Yuefei in 1998 and has been in business for more than 23 years, responsible for all programming and processing tasks of the company. Has rich experience in machining and management. Familiar with the processing difficulties of various parts and components, and be good at optimizing the processing technology to minimize processing errors and processing quality problems. At the same time, it is committed to the continuous improvement of processing management, which greatly improves the efficiency of machine tools. It saves costs for the company and lays a solid foundation for improving mold quality.

  • Machining Tech

    The engineering team is composed of professional programming and operating members, and has dozens of sophisticated domestic and foreign processing equipment. The work is carried out around ensuring processing quality and processing effectiveness. By curing most of the processing technology standardization to obtain the stability of the workpiece processing quality. Reasonably schedule production according to the scheduled completion time of the workpiece to ensure delivery. Ensure the utilization rate of the company's equipment through reasonable production scheduling and flexible process coordination. The accuracy of the process is ensured by mutual inspection between the programming members and the operators.