Quality Dept

Our team has rich experience in molds and production experience at home and abroad.

Quality Dept

  • Direct of QC Dept

    Qiwei Zhang , Minister of Quality Department, joined Yuefei in 2000. He has been in the industry for 27 years and worked as a mold fitter for several years. Master the whole process of mold manufacturing. Has a very strong sense of quality and leads the team to strictly control the quality of each link. Possess strong mold professional guidance ability, and put forward reasonable suggestions for design review from mold manufacturing and assembly process. Committed to promoting the continuous improvement of mold quality, let Yuefei maintain its advantage in the fierce market competition.

  • Team member

    Our quality management team has sophisticated measuring equipment and rigorous professionalism. 50% of the members have more than 15 years of experience, and 30% of the members have more than 10 years of experience. Conduct a full range of inspections for each component, standard part, product, mold and production process, Make sure to find the problem in advance and solve the problem within the company. Ensure that the mold received by the customer meets even the customer's requirements and expectations.

  • Quality Control

    The quality control team strictly inspects the following links in accordance with the inspection process and inspection standards. Incoming material inspection: including standard parts, non-standard parts, steel, mold bases, etc.; Processing inspection: including parts inspection after key processing steps and final parts inspection; Assembly inspection: inspect the effect of the mold assembly process; Test mold inspection: inspect the mold structure during the mold test process; Product inspection: inspect the characteristics and dimensions of the trial products; Final product inspection: Before the mold is shipped, the mold will be inspected in all directions according to the mold inspection list; Quality statistics: carry out quality statistics every month and issue reports to force other departments to continuously improve their quality.